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Wax Buffalo Pure Soy Candle (Blood Orange) (Large)
Wax Buffalo Pure Soy Candle (Blood Orange) (Large)

Wax Buffalo Pure Soy Candle (Blood Orange) (Large)

$ 34.00
This citrus explosion is fresh, juicy and our number one seller. Its top notes are obviously orangey and tangy. With under notes of grapefruit, lemon, sugar, and honey. It’s bright, bubbly and fun.
  • 16 oz candle
  • amber jar features a white X decal with a white metal lid
  • strong, long-lasting scents! 
  • pure soy candle 

Where was it made?

Lincoln, Nebraska USA

The Story

The first candle I ever poured was a Christmas gift for my grandma Ferne when I was 14. We used to shop in this tiny market called the Haymarket in Lincoln Nebraska, long before I ever lived her.  We would purchase handmade votives from a local shop. Then we’d spend the afternoon laughing and drinking tea in a tiny café and tea shop. My grandma loved candles and Christmas. But mostly Christmas. It was her favorite. Her house always smelled a little like cinnamon no matter the month. I lost my sweet little Ferne two years ago. And I think in my mourning and loss for her I reached back to my roots and began pouring candles again. Exactly one month after I kissed her goodbye. The first candle I poured was cinnamon. Grandma always encouraged my adventures and nurtured my whimsy. In a way, I think she always will. I began to pour again for friends, family etc. therapeutically really. Then a friend convinced me to try selling them in a tiny shop that he owned. I was super nervous about it. I made 12 candles and brought them into the shop. About 5 days later they called, the candles had completely sold out. So I poured 12 more and the rest is history! 

I have such a love for beautifully curated stores. I find it's such a fun and wonderful way to collaborate with talented creative business people living out their dreams! 

We are now in over 30+ stores across the country! I work on these gorgeous candles late at night with a whiskey in hand (except right now while I'm sups pregnant). I married my crush quite a few years ago, and together we traveled the world telling documentary stories and filming the most beautiful things. Now that I am a mama (to Navy and Satchel and Oxley on the way!), I still find ways to use my production background telling beautiful visual stories whenever possible, but I find that wax buffalo has opened an entirely new way for me to tell my stories. It's dreamy and magical and this beautiful world I feel lucky to have fallen into. 

Thanks for being a part of this story with us! I love hearing all of your stories as you share with me the memories our candles evoke within you! So many hugs my dears!