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Eco-Wedge Crayons

Eco-Wedge Crayons

$ 20.00
As seen in the Sept 2015 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine! "Color Theory" Wild Dill Eco-Wedge Crayons have 4 drawing points! 12 bright, colorful 100% natural crayon wedges that last! Kids will love using these multi-surfaced crayons for all of their coloring activities. Each crayon has 4 writing points and multiple surfaces to use for different coloring activities, making coloring large areas a snap! Easy to hold for artists with small hands, and older kids will love the unique wedge design too!
    beeswax, candelilla wax (plant based) and natural colors
    Who benefits?

    A portion of the proceeds of this product benefit 'Defenders of Wildlife.' For more information go to