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22 bedtime ritual ideas


Recently we shared 22 morning ritual ideas! This week we focus on the counterpart, bedtime. While a good morning ritual starts your day off right, a bedtime ritual will determine how well you sleep at night which means your morning will be even better! And quality sleep is essential and maybe the most important aspect of our health.

22 bedtime ritual ideas …

1. unplug from all screens.

2. take 5-10 minutes to tidy up.

3. set out your outfit for the morning.

4. prepare your breakfast and lunch for the next day.

5. list the top 3 things that you will focus on tomorrow.

6. set the mood by turning off artificial lighting. light a healthy + charitable candle instead!

7. take a warm + relaxing bath or a detoxing or sore muscle relief bath. 

8. brush + floss teeth + natural (alcohol free) mouth wash. 

9. wash or buff your face with a natural cleanser

10. stretch + yoga

11. read something that makes you feel good. 

12. snuggle up with a loved one, pet, or your favorite blanket

13. pray + express gratitude

14. listen to calming music.

15. cool down. turn the thermostat down to a sustainable temperature or turn on those fans! 

16. spray your pillow and sheets with a calming + non-toxic scent

17. refrain from snacking. late night snacking can lead to troubled sleep. 

18. drink a cup of your favorite non-caffeinated hot tea. ('decaffeinated' still contains caffeine.) 

19. get into something comfy. don't skimp when it comes to pajamas. choose an organic cotton top and bottom for a healthy and soft option. (confession: we like to wear this favorite to bed.) 

20. journal

21. hit the hay early. going to bed early means you will get more sleep which will lead to a better mood and improved productivity the next day. 

22. give yourself a massage. use non-toxic lotion or body butter to massage your legs, feet, and arms to increase circulation and soothe your body.

What is your bedtime ritual?

If you don’t have one, what are some things you’re going to try?



  • Daniela

    I love this! So much of the time I am scrambling or taking part in unhealthy habits at night, but that time should be treated like a delightfully relaxing ritual. Tea … candles … clean-up time … prep time for the next day. Love it!

  • Matt @ Plating Pixels

    All important tips to lead to better sleep and frame of mind. Thanks!

  • Rachel Antony

    I love this list, I try to do lots of the items on there – some nights more than others. I usually take a shower and then settle into bed to make a list of things I want to get done the next day so I don’t lay awake trying to memorize the list.

  • Ashley

    Awesome rituals! I try to do a lot of these and the one thing I always do is drink a cup of uncaffeinated tea. It soothes my throat and makes me feel warm and cozy! Thank for sharing!

  • lisa

    I used to do tips l with the kiddos before bed, an it really helped! I should do that again…

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