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conscious capitalism (part 1)

what is conscious capitalism?

Conscious Capitalism not only expands on the traditional capitalism elements of voluntary exchange, competition, entrepreneurship, and freedom to trade but also the essentials [that tend to be forgotten by traditional businesses] trust, collaboration, value creation, transparency, and compassion. These are all imperative for a full functionally, vibrant, and healthy economy. Conscious Capitalist businesses have a higher purpose beyond making profit, serve all major and minor stakeholders, have conscious leaders, and create an invaluable culture of consciousness.


“Business can be a wonderful vehicle for both personal and organizational learning and growth...I have learned that life is short and that we are simply passing through here. We cannot stay. It is therefore essential that we find guides whom we can trust and who can help us discover and realize our higher purposes in life before it is too late...I have come to understand that it is possible to live in this world with an open, loving heart. I have learned that we can channel our deepest creative impulses in loving ways toward fulfilling our higher purposes, and help evolve the world to a better place.”
―John E. Mackey, Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business 

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    Great ideas!

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